Surprise Star Wars Trailer Shows Luke Skywalker on Millennium Falcon

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  • Just when you think you’re safe, walking down the street, minding your own business — THWAP! You get smacked in the face with a— a— STAR WARS TV SPOT WITH NEW FOOTAGE!? Oh my goodness gracious. Fans are geeking out over a few things in this trailer. The first — oh my gosh, that shot of Luke Skywalker sitting in the Millenium Falcon is incredible. And ohhh my goodness — seeing Kylo Ren punch a wall again is fantastic and — oh wow! Oh wow! Is that— footage of a Porg? The same footage of a Porg?

    Gang. We sure loved that Porg footage last time. He screams and everything. Sorry, Luke sitting in the Millenium Falcon telling at long last the long and epic conclusion to the Star Wars Saga! Porgs are here and they are hear to steal the spotlight and store it in their massive safes!

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