Dutch Filmmaker Makes Beautiful Time Lapse of Daughter Aging 0-18

One of the more beautiful time lapses out there.
By Alex Firer
  • We love a good aging time lapse video, but this one is all the more beautiful. Often in these time lapse videos it is a person taking a video of themselves, but in this one filmmaker Frans Hofmeester was taking photos of his daughter. The result is beautiful and something special — a little different than the regular time lapse videos. Frans is taking footage of his daughter, Lotte and the shot and video has a sense of that affection baked into its DNA.

    Unlike other time lapse videos, this one seems to also reflect a wide swath of emotional life. We see Frans’ daughter seem so… natural. Like a great documentary filmmaker, Frans knows the secret to getting good footage is to get his subject to react in a natural way, and in some of them Lotte is talking, crying, and naturally smiling. You can sense the warm relationship between father and daughter, and human and the world. It’s great.

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