Snoop Dogg Garners Controversy With Album Cover Showing Trump’s Corpse

The album is called “Make America Crip Again," and it promises to make some headlines!
By Alex Firer
  • Snoop Dogg has not been shying away from showing his distaste for Donald Trump in a variety of weird, insane and colorful ways befitting his brilliant outlandish verses and rap persona. In the beginning of the year he posted the video for BADBADNOTGOOD which can be seen at this link, and he’s back at it, showing the president that — as Eminem showed so beautifully at the BET awards — rap is not afraid to call him out.

    The album is called “Make America Crip Again”, and the cover — a parody of Ice Cube’s album “Death Certificate”, showing the corpse of Uncle Sam, as identified by his toe tag. Here, check out the similarities.

  • And, as usual, with any art critical of the administration, the same people come out of the woodwork to complain about it, predatorily mention Chicago as if they have ever lived there for even a day, and just generally spout nonsense. Also some people like it. Clearly I think it’s fine considering I seem so annoyed at the critics. It’s a bad faith argument, right? Anyway, Snoop Dogg is great and we can’t wait for this new album.

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