Tyrese Gibson Calls Out The Rock on Instagram, Makes Up with The Rock

Tyrese got... furious... but the feud... ended fast.
By Alex Firer
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    Source: www.instagram.com

  • There are ill advised career moves, and then there are moves of pure hubris that reflect the desires of Greek Gods that came before him. After Dwayne Johnsons’ Fast and the Furious spin off pushed the filming of Fast and Furious 9 to 2020, Tyrese Gibson announced in an Instagram

    “Hello world………. hello loyal fans and loved ones from OUR fast universe…….. I’m sorry to announce that if Dewayne is in Fast9 there will no more Roman Peirce – You mess with family and my daughters survival I mess with yours……… close your eyes dude you’re a “Clown”…… #CandyAssBitchMade All my real one…. Men on integrity… my real ones out here stand UP…… folks that GP to the gym and get big naturally #NoJuice #NoOJspin off huh? Spin off these nuts selfish champ…… pause notice who’s got his arms around my shoulder and who’s standing alone – #OurChildrenMatter”.

    Well, now the duo has made up! One of the Rock’s associates has approached Tyrese Gibson and asked him to end the feud and Tyrese Gibson has— went for it. Which is wise. Buddy, if you’re asking the film’s producers to choose between you and the guy who is so popular HIS CHARACTER IS GETTING A SPIN OFF— then it is no choice at all. Here’s the entirety of Tyrese’s statement on another Instagram.

    Want you guys to know I️ had a real Heart to Heart with one of Dewayne’s associates and this will be my last post about him…….. I️ repeat my last…. I️ respect the associate who called.. My story will never change I️ was never DJ’s Co-Star… I’m Shayla’s Father first…. Justin Lin is back in the driver seat that’s exciting cause it going to feel like the true #FastFamily all over again….. When we see Justin we see Paul…..

    Yeah, all right, sure, but what does it mean that you spelled Dwayne wrong? Is that a sign? Ugh. What a bad feud. Folks! That’s a bad feud!

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