Dolan Twins Already Hack iPhone X Facial Recognition Software

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  • Foolish technological beings! You may think your facade is impenetrable but, little do you know, it can be easily destroyed! Sure, the iPhone X’s fabled facial recognition software seems like we are giving up our privacy in return for letting a cellular phone store a pitch perfect photo of our beautiful face in the name of security, but you darned fools, that security isn’t even perfect! The Dolan Twins — they of social media fame — actually discovered they can unlock each others iPhones with their same twin looking faces. They Tweeted about it below, check it out.

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  • So there you go — this powerful phone technology can be defeated simply by looking exactly like the other person. Or even like— I wonder if dopplegangers can open each others’ phone. Next time someone wants to break into a phone, why bother doing all the tech work, just post a Craigslist ad for a weird look alike and it should do the trick easily.

    Now if you don’t mind, I got a little Twitter feed deleting to do…

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