Sia Gets Revenge on Paparazzi By Posting Nude Photo Herself

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  • Popstar and songwriter Sia revealed that someone was trying to sell nude photos of her online, so she posted one herself.

    Sia first grabbed everyone’s attention by hiding her face behind giant wigs. Everyone wondered what actually looked like under the wigs… She told Ellen in 2015 that she wore the wigs to stay anonymous.

    But Sia did reveal her face… again. She put her face, although digitally manipulated, on the cover of her 2016 album “This is Acting.” However, Sia created a bit of a stir when she was spotted without makeup by paparazzi arriving at LAX. 

    Seems like a shocking move for a such a private pop star, but not as shocking as what happened recently.

    Sia tweeted, “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!”

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  • For a pop star who wore wigs to protect her privacy, showing off your nude body is a very unexpected move.

    The nude photo of Sia is watermarked from a paparazzi photo service…

    The screengrab she posted includes a note from the peeping-tom photographer saying, “If you make the purchase it will be unblurred and you will receive 14 additional images.”

    Sia’s privacy was not only violated, but the person who did it is trying to profit from it. But, fans are rallying to support Sia and her brave move.

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