Lilly Singh Celebrates 1,000 Vlogs by Giving Back to Fans

They don't call her IISuperwomanII for nothing!
By Alejandra Moedano
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  • Attention #TeamSuper: Day 1,000 is finally here! That’s right, the amazing Lilly Singh has now been sharing her crazy, awesome life with us for 1,000 days on YouTube —

    To commemorate this YouTube milestone, Lilly recently took to Twitter to do something incredible for her fans. She tweeted, “What are some of the specific challenges you’re facing in life right now? Tweet me the details. xo.”

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  • Responses came flooding in, and a few lucky fans got the surprise of a lifetime.

    One fan wrote, “College. Paying for books and tuition is the most stressful thing ever and I feel like I’m drowning.” Here’s what Lilly had to say:

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  • @oenophile79 tweeted, “Grieving the loss of my husband.”

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  • For 1,000 vlogs, Lilly gave away $1,000 to help fans in need with their rent, school expenses and more. Needless to say, fans were incredibly grateful of Lilly’s generosity. They don’t call her IISuperwomanII for nothing!

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  • Are you part of #TeamSuper? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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