Drake Reveals He Refused to Work With Harvey Weinstein

By Alex Firer
Before the NYT expose, Drake vetted him against five people and did not like what he heard.
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  • Now that revelations are coming out about the once mogul, now creep you wouldn’t trust to be within five feet of a breathing human being, Harvey Weinstein, a lot of decisions made by celebrities around him are coming into greater focus. Amongst those, is that of Drake, who revealed he avoided working with Weinstein after the producer wanted him to star in his movie “The Heist”. Drake and Future, who was also up to work with him, went forward and vetted the producer against some others who have worked with him before. When they got back awful stories, they wisely walked away.

    It’s amazing to see that kind of backbone from a star — standing up for what’s right, rather than what’s best for one’s career. Drake, we salute you, and in your honor, play the video for Jumpman — a song we unironically like no matter what anyone says!

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