Star Wars’ Baby Porgs Are Terrifying

Is this Star Wars or a horror movie from the 80's?
By Alex Firer
  • Look, we all love Porgs, this is a fact. It’s pure science at this point that our love for Porgs, the little puffin/penguin/hamster like creatures from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is limitless. No wonder they’re stealing the show! However, you think Porgs have always been these perfect avatars of cuteness? Nah, friend, nah. Read on — or — why not just have a look. You see that mewling little blob of what look like three fetuses sewn together? Yeah folks. THAT’S what Porgs look like.

  • Yup, that puts it about right. These revolting, blubbering, terrifying fetuses look like they belong in a Cronenberg film about how children suck the life energy out of you, or something like that… not in a fun, family Star Wars film! Oh, Porgs. We can’t wait for you to glow-up and turn into the hunky Porgs with a sense of culture and class we all know and love.

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