Friend Subtly Rick Rolls Wedding During Toast

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  • Is it weird to attach a decade old meme into your wedding toast? I mean, I used to think it is, but gosh this video is fun! In it we see a friend of the groom ask to make a toast, and we watch in delight as the toast takes on a slightly… familiar tone. The toast giver begins with a plea — what he wrote is from the heart, so PLEASE don’t laugh at it, okay. It’s very personal. He then begins. His toast goes as follows, “We’re no strangers to love,” … a few people see what is happening and start laughing. “We know the rules, and so do I.” More people laugh. Slowly, it dawns on folks what is happening. And then, the big joke hits, “Never gonna give you up… never gonna give you up,” and the crowd loses it. Folks! The guy did a classic RickRoll!

    But folks, the guy has the rest of the song to read, okay?! Delightful! Even if your special day has a weird meme, the special thing is, it’s a weird meme from a friend you love. Awww! Delightful!

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