Woman Forces Flight to Land After Discovering Husband’s Infidelities

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  • A Qatar Airways flight to Indonesia had to make an emergency stop when a passenger had a drunk freak out after she discovered her husband has been cheating on her.

    On a long flight, one man took a nap he’ll never forget. While he snoozed in his seat, the man’s wife grabbed his phone, held his finger to the fingerprint scanner, and unlocked it.

    After she browsed through his messages, she discovered her husband was cheating on her.  The Times of India reports the woman had a few alcoholic drinks by then. She reportedly got into a fight with her husband and “misbehaved” with crew members who calm her down. 

    The fighting couple were on a family vacation with relatives and their young child! The situation got so bad, the flight was diverted to an airport in Chennai, India, in order to remove the fighting couple from the plane in order to separate them. 

    Alcohol, heartbreak, and high altitudes don’t mix.

    The rest of the family continued on the flight without them, and when the fighting couple sobered up, they continued on their journey.

    Vacations are always a disaster! I always end up forgetting something, like my toothbrush or my wedding vows.

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