Tiffany Haddish as Cardi B Auditions for The Lion King on SNL

Plus Leslie Jones as Oprah, Aidy Bryant as James Corden and Melissa Villaseñor as Lin Manuel Miranda.
By Alex Firer
  • The Live Action Lion King has already blown our minds with some unexpected casting announcement. Beyoncé Carter-Knowles as Nala!? What is that! And SNL — lo those cartographers of the national mood except when Donald Trump hosted and they didn’t have a black woman for a while, that was extremely bad— have gripped onto this weird casting trend and say — wouldn’t it be funny if like— Lin Manuel Miranda and Cardi B auditioned for this thing? Ah! Check out the sketch, friend.

    There are a lot of very fun impressions on display. We have Aidy Bryant doing a shockingly fun James Corden auditioning for Zazu, Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd as Sterling K. Brown and Kristen Schaal auditioning for Timon and Pumbaa and Leslie Jones bringing her best Oprah announcing the birth of Simba. Man, can Oprah announce the birth of all lion cubs? Not humans! Lion cubs! Lion cubs deserve it more!

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