Cards Against Humanity Buys Land on Mexican American Border to Troll Trump

It's meant to mess with his plans for a border wall...
By Alex Firer
  • Cards Against Humanity — for some, the game your most irritating friend can’t get enough of. For others, the game they can’t get enough of. But one thing is certain — Cards Against Humanity is certainly a loveable gang of so and so’s here to cause pranks most goofy and what not. The latest, however, is a particularly exciting one — the minds behind Cards Against Humanity have purchased land along the Mexican and American border to impede Trump from easily building a fence.

  • ”It’s 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet. We have no choice — Cards Against Humanity is going to save America,” proclaims the opening salvo on their website, which is accompanied by the fun video above. It’s a Black Friday promotion to be sure — for $15, Cards Against Humanity promises, quote — “America Saving Surprises.” I don’t know if part of the joke is that it’s an acronym for “ass” — who honestly knows. But, we do know we love the idea of Donald Trump’s dumb wall building being subtly curbed by a novelty card game — and your $15 goes right to them buying that land mass. Fun!

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