Nicki Minaj Posts Minaj a Trois Cover

By Alex Firer
A threesome of three Nicki Minajes— like the Kim Kardashian cover before, it is sure to break the internet!
  • The internet scarcely had time to put itself back together from the last time a celebrity broke it— mainly Kim Kardashian West’s now famous photo of her butt on the cover of Paper. But the internet is a resilient beast. We’ve put ourselves back together. Boarded up the windows. Fixed the doors. “This is a fine internet”, we whisper, “And boy howdy are we lucky to be able to put it back together and move anew in the world”. Well, we are sorry internet, because you are about to be BROKEN AGAIN when Nicki Minaj posted a photograph of three herselfs in suggestive poses. A… Minaj a Trois one could say!? One could!

    Just remember, although the fantasy of having a Minaj a Trois might seem inviting, it takes a lot of planning. You have to literally be Nicki Minaj and make sure every Nicki Minaj feels included in the Minaj a Trois, and that all parties involved state what they want and what their limits are. And what they want is to be three Nicki Minajes who suggestively pose on the cover of Paper to break our poor little internet yet again.

    Nicki Minaj Tweeted out a video that seems to evoke something strange and pornographic — but not too specifically. Like a sex tape from another dimension. Is this the fabled Minaj a Trois? Who knows. Watch it below.

  • Paper Magazine explained their thinking behind the cover with a write up of their admiration of Nicki Minaj.

  • And the internet is indeed on the verge of breaking. Check out some of the reactions below!

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    Also if you want to hear Beyoncé sing Prince’s “Darling Nicki” to Nicki Minaj check it out here!