Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney Body Blows Internet’s Mind

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  • One of Chirstian Bale’s first big attention grabbing roles before he played Bruce Wayne in Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy has been his work in the Machinist. Audiences oohed and awed over how gaunt he became for the shot (oh my goodness, they cooed, he’s just so gaunt), but now— like a star collapsing in on itself — Bale is going the other way and bursting as a massive supernova to play… Dick Cheney! In a weird, heavier look we don’t normally associate with the actor!

    So this is what movie Dick Cheney looks like? Like Christian Bale but heavier? Weird. The look has been memed unto infinity. The internet has had its goofs, its laughs, and when they finally see the story of the man who helped manipulate the United States into the Iraq war, they will see, in full glory, Christian Bale’s little face peeking out of Cheney’s body.

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