Sebastian Stan Accidentally Spoils Avengers: Infinity Wars

And he's not the only one!
By Alex Firer
  • The secrecy of these big blockbuster Marvel movies — sometimes they’re so intense, why even the stars aren’t completely sure who or what is in them! One of these stars just happens to be Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, who revealed recently that he is not allowed to read the script to the upcoming Avengers movie — Avengers: Infinity Wars — out of Marvel’s fear that Tom Holland will accidentally spoil it. Holland reveals, in the interview clip above — that he can’t keep a secret for the life of him, and would spoil it if he could— but alas folks! He just can’t!

    However, maybe the same should have went to more adult Marvel stars Mark Ruffallo and Sebastian Stan — The Hulk and The Winter Soldier respectively. When signing a fan’s poster, Sebastian Stan drew a goatee on Captain America and had him say “Hi, I’m Nomad” in a little speech balloon.

  • As for Mark Ruffalo, apparently he accidentally live streamed the first fifteen minutes of Thor back in October. Oops. OOPS.

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