Stephen Colbert Covers Harassment on Both Right and Left with Franken and Roy Moore

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  • A major wall has been broken down with the outing of Harvey Weinstein with serial harassers being outed left and right. Yesterday delivered one we did not expect— Senator Al Franken. Ex comedian and current Senator Franken was discovered to have sexually assaulted his co-host during a USO sketch by sticking his tongue down her throat when they had to kiss during a sketch he wrote. Additionally he took an embarrassing photo where he pretended to grope her breasts while she was asleep. Stephen Colbert expertly covered this story, bypassing the quiet that can sometimes come when a late night comedian has to cover the bad behavior of another comedian. “This does not bode well for Louis CK’s senate hopes” says Stephen Colbert. Colbert tears apart Franken’s apology that the photo was meant to be funny (it was meant to humiliate her, says Colbert), but saves his greatest jokes for Roy Moore.

    For example, Colbert covers that Roy Moore was banned from a Sears. Can you imagine how creepy you have to be to be banned from a Sears? Later Colbert plays a clip of Mitch McConnell encouraging Jeff Sessions to run for Alabama, saying he’s “Well liked in Alabama”, to which Colbert muses if that means Forrest Gump has as good a chance as anyone else.

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    Also, wanna read about a poet who turns harassers’ awful apologies into works of art? Check it out here.

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