Pixar Releases Teaser for Incredibles 2

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  • Finally, a Pixar sequel we’re looking forward to! Following on the heels of Cars 3 and Finding Dory, Brad Bird return to the family that brought his acclaim as a director to begin with — the Parrs — or as we know them — The Incredibles! The original Incredibles movie followed the adventures of a normal all American family where the parents just so happened to have been world famous super heroes and who now must hide their powers from a world that doesn’t understand them! Now, Pixar has released the teaser for their upcoming sequel. Not much is revealed about the film in it, although maybe, just maybe, the movie will focus on baby Jack-Jack and his brand new powers. Hey, didn’t we have a Jack-Jack movie already? Remember “Jack-Jack Attack”? I think it got an Academy Award nomination! Roll it!

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    Also, did you know all the Pixar films are connected? It’s true! They are! Check out the evidence of it here!

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