Weather Channel Felled by Wily Bus

You want to see the Georgia Dome implode!? Too bad!
By Alex Firer
  • Imagine you work for The Weather Channel. You got some standards, man. You’re here to give us nothing less than the greatest Weather like content imaginable. You spent hours setting up the camera to be just right. You’ve been live streaming for a half an hour waiting for that perfect shot of the Georgia Dome imploding. Now it’s time. It’s time to finally capture this implosion… when suddenly… a bus just quietly lurches in front of it. No! At the worst possible moment! No no no no no! Augh!

    You can just hear the camera man lose it on air, and wouldn’t you!? This slow stupid machine not realizing it is getting in the way of a history making shot. “Duh, did I do a baddie?” burps out the bus, and you just throw your hat to the ground and weep at the very moon because, my friends… the bus did a baddie.

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