P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma Video Features Gender Bending Channing Tatum

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  • Pink (or P!nk for those of you who like to spell things correctly) is an incredibly eye grabbing figure and musician, and her latest music video, a throwback to the idyllic seeming suburban relationships of the 1950’s and the non conformist traits underneath them. And hey — it looks like Channing Tatum is the husband in this! That’s pretty exciting, right? Good old Channing Tatum. Also — he dresses in fully accepted gender queer drag! That’s the best, I think.

    The video, directed by X shows P!nk and Tatum as an idyllic seeming husband and wife in a 50’s bright suburban setting, but what follows thereafter is great fun and great oddity — from Betty Page style bondage to some gender queer bending work from Channing Tatum. All in all, a very fun and colorful video.

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    Also, want to see Channing Tatum dance at a random gas station in North Carolina? Check it out here.

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