Super Mario Odyssey’s Top 9 Costumes

The one where he showed his nipples is fourth!
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, we here at What’s Trending love love love love Super Mario Odyssey. And why wouldn’t we— the game is part pure joy, part mental prozac, and all masterpiece, and one thing we’ve particularly loved about the game are all of Mario’s rad costumes. They play a role in the gameplay— from accessing certain missions to how Bowser greets you when you come in (we posted a video cut of every greeting Bowser has for every costume, check it out if you want!). I’m sure all of you are running to your Wal Marts to grab your Nintendo Switches — but before you do, check out our list of our nine favorite Mario costumes.

  • 9.) Wario/Waluigi/Luigi

    Waluigicostume wt

    Mario Odyssey is built for both casual players and massive Mario nerds, and folks — I am a massive Mario nerd, so it delighted me to be able to play as the three weirder Mario like characters you see in the game you don’t get to play as as often. Waluigi in a mainstream Mario game? Come on! That’s awesome! You think Mario ever finds it weird there are three men out there who dress exactly like him or is he like — “nah, that’s cool”.

  • 8.) Clown Mario

    Clownmario wt

    Clown Mario is one of those rare Mario costumes that change everything about him — his face, even Cappy’s shape, going from the usual cap like flavor to a more pointy design. Still, we love it. It’s the one costume that clashes with anywhere Mario goes, so it delights at least us.

  • 7.) Boxers Mario

    Marioboxers wt

    Look, this one got into the news just by showing off Mario’s nipples. If that doesn’t deserve a spot on the list, I don’t know what does. Plus, it makes it look like Mario’s in one of those games where the character is dreaming and has to escape! They always have the character in their boxers in those. I don’t know why.

  • 6.) Diddy Kong Mario

    Mariodiddykong wt

    Wanna play as Diddy Kong in a Mario game? Sure, why not. For the longest time — Smash Bros aside — Diddy Kong was kept separate from the wider Nintendo universe due to his association with Rare. And now here he is, hanging out in a Mario game. Oh how far his esteemed career has gone. Plus, it’s fun to run around with a little monkey body! You unlock Diddy Kong vis a vis an Amiibo or through just playing the game enough and thinking beautiful Diddy Kong thoughts.

  • 5.) Bowser’s Tux Mario

    Screen shot 2017 11 21 at 8.44.15 pm

    Credit where credit is due — Bowser’s costume is NICE. The mix of purple, the little gold on the top hat — so much better than Mario’s dull white tux. Plus, it has a turtle shell on the back AND implies Bowser is a virgin! Good work, costume, good work!

  • 4.) Builder Mario

    Buildermario wt

    Builder Mario is a fine enough costume — but most importantly it is also the costume Mario wore on the cover of Super Mario Maker — that incredible little game for the WiiU and 3DS where you got to create your own levels. The game is riddled with obscure costumes from every weird corner of Mario’s long media life, but this one gets special points as just one attached to something so recent, and something so specific and weird. Plus, the helmet looks great.

  • 3.) Mad Scientist Mario

    Marioscientist wt

    This makes it in at #3 for one good reason — look at that beautiful hair Mario has in that costume! He has crazy, beautiful mad scientist hair! Heck, he looks like Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty! The costume, like so many of Mario’s costumes — if a reference to his obscure history — it’s from this commercial featuring Mario selling the world a Super Game Boy which he made in his lab…

  • 2.) Super Mario 64

    Mario64 wt

    We’ve seen 8-Bit Mario all over the place for the past decade and change — from ironic use in Super Mario Galaxy, to quite serious use in Super Mario Maker — but we haven’t seen the Mario 64 graphics be used quite as beautifully yet. Until now! Super Mario Odyssey not only gives us this Mario 64 costume however — polygonal old timey and all — but it even gives us Peach’s Castle, the Mario 64 Mushroom Kingdom and even Yoshi on the roof when you beat the game. Oh such fun.

  • 1.) Bride Mario

    Screen shot 2017 11 21 at 7.32.02 pm

    I mean, was there ever really any other choice? Seeing Mario running around the Mushroom Kingdom in a beautiful bridal dress is utter and absolute joy — and heck, when you run in and Bowser sees it he compliments how beautiful it is. Everyone supports Mario in his journey of being glorious and glamorous.

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