Trash Can Lip Syncs Morrissey

And if a double garbage truck bus... smashes into us...
By Alex Firer
  • After Morrissey spent this week defending some rather— indefensible things — some would say Morrissey is trash. What do I say however? I say— check out this trash can lip synching Morrissey! Oh heck yeah! The Morrissey circle has closed and is complete — Morrissey is trash and trash sings Morrissey! The Smiths were right — there IS a light that can never go out — the light in my eyes watching this video!

    According to the poster, the Smiths came on randomly on shuffle and the trash can was lip syncing perfect to it. The best part? The trash was singing “take me out… tonight.” You guys, not only does the trash sing the loneliness of Morrissey, but it wants to be taken out! This reminds me of another classic garbage can hit…

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