Man Breaks Record with 459 Straws in Mouth

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  • Straw mouth strikes again — as the trashcan might sing. Manoj Kumar Maharana broke a Guinness World Record by stuffing 459 straws into his mouth. Guinness World Records documented the glorious event in a video posted to its YouTube channel above. Beaten was Simon Elmore who stuffed a measly pathetic 400 straws into his mouth. Meanwhile, if I just get one straw in my mouth I weep because the drink I drink from it is too cold, too cold!

    Some of Manoj’s skills — using rubber bands to keep the straws in place! Also, we assume, just pure pure force of will to be able to fit as many straws as all that into one human mouth. It’s impressive to be sure.

    What do you think of the man who can put all the straws in his mouth? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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