Donald Trump Being Cool With Roy Moore Makes Him Soft on Crime Says Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers covers Trump's spinelessness on a particularly biting "A Closer Look".
By Alex Firer
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  • Donald Trump came in as a strongman promising to be all tough on crime and Isis by calling them a bunch of different tougher names than allegedly Democrats wouldn’t. Yet, here he is, unable to denounce a pedophile because he’s a Republican. Amazing. Seth Meyers covered that hypocrisy in his latest “A Closer Look” pointing out that — hey, this is all rather spineless, isn’t it? Or evil and perverse. Take your pick. All this is also in the context of all of the powerful men accused of sexual misconduct in recent weeks — including Charlie Rose and John Lasseter.

    The idea of calling Trump soft on crime is a bold one — because he is! Just because he’s racist and says rude things doesn’t mean he won’t support a criminal if it benefits him apparently. And hey, treason is a crime, isn’t it? None of it is great, and Seth Meyers explores the issues expertly.

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