Stranger Things’ Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

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  • One of the best — and unexpected — things to come out of Stranger Things is the friendship between Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo.

    Once Joe’s character — Steve — became the designated babysitter for Dustin and his pals in Season 2, the two, basically, became best buds. I mean, have you seen Keery’s Twitter feed (@joe_keery)? He’s always posting hilarious photos with Matarazzo! Check them out below.

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  • The dynamic duo recently sat down with WIRED to answer some of the web’s most searched questions about themselves, and Stranger Things, and let me tell you — the questions were weird.

    Here are some of our favorites —

    Is Stranger Things jumpy? Yes. Some scenes may cause you to jump a little bit.

    Is Joe Keery legit? Too legit to quit.

    Is Gaten Matarazzo worth it? Totally worth it.

    Does Stranger Things Jennifer Lawrence? How does one Jennifer Lawrence? I’m not completely sure.

    What else would you ask Keery and Matarazzo? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

    Did you know the Stranger Things kids were once in a Motown group with James Corden? Watch them perform here.

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