Rick and Morty Celebrates Thanksgiving With Surprise Clip from Mr. Poopybutthole

Just when you need them most... Rick and Morty are here.
By Alex Firer
  • You think Rick and Morty needs hype my man? You think they need some kind of stupid hype? Naw, dawg! They just need to show up and you’re going to love it, my man! Take for example this clip Rick and Morty released to celebrate Thanksgiving — starring Season 2 character Mr. Poopybutthole. Some back story — in Season 2 Rick and Morty were invaded by aliens who went into their memories and made it seem like they have always known them. The way to beat them? Anyone whose memories were purely positive weren’t real! They weren’t who they said they were! The bloodbath then ensued of anyone whose memories were fantastic — and unfortunately amongst them was Mr. Poopybutthole — a sweet little yellow man who just wanted to bring people joy. He now walks with a cane after Beth, Morty’s mother, shot him. Oh alas.

    Since then Mr. Poopybutthole has become sort of a weird cult figure — inspiring a comic book series, a Funko Pop and closing out every single season of Rick and Morty with a little spiel. Well, at the end of Season 3, Mr. Poopybutthole surprised us. He had a— wife!? And a child!? And a dog!? Well, he has a lot to be thankful for — as this short attests as we see Mr. Poopybutthole go through a blessed beautiful year in his life.

    This isn’t the first RIck and Morty Thanksgiving short. Check out this promo they did a few years back! Funny, weird and self referential in the best Rick and Morty way.

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    Also remember when Rick and Morty fans went insane because of some sauce? I remember! Remember with me here.

    And Happy Thanksgiving, friends!