Man Tries VR for First Time, Immediately Breaks TV

Where no man has crashed into before...
By Alex Firer
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  • Virtual reality — truly it’s the new frontier. Of gaming, of entertainment, of looking at a bunch of rabbits, and of how we interact with one another. It also requires a ridiculous amount of safety precautions — safety precautions this individual clearly did not take as he got super scared by a high cliff inside his virtual reality set up and just ran backwards into a television set. Whoops!

    Anyone who used virtual reality before knows that well, that stuff can look real. Falling in virtual reality or flying in virtual reality can feel as disorienting as the real thing would be! Your head is, after all, getting all these same signals of danger even though the world around you isn’t actually made up of it. When you’re using VR make sure you have a lot of space. Otherwise, when you look down a cliff, you might run in fear behind you and fly into your friend’s TV.

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