Today Show Announces They Have Fired Matt Lauer for Sexual Misconduct

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  • The list of terrible media dudes who get kicked out for sexual misconduct keeps on growing and growing, and the latest on that list is Today Show host Matt Lauer who was fired from NBC following a report of inappropriate sexual behavior from the host. Savannah Gunthrie announced the news on Today in the morning, reading NBC’s official statement on the matter. In the video above, the hosts of the Today Show talk about their difficulties with squaring away the kind man and friend they know with the man ho made women’s lives harder through his toxic and sexually abusive behavior.

    While many are congratulating NBC on their quick actions toward Lauer, many other are Tweeting that this may have been done to scoop an expose, and may have been the results of a very wide swath of accusations towards the NBC host. Still, we are glad the current culture does not support serial accusers, no matter how powerful.

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