Stranger Things’ Dustin Shows Off His Pearl Jam Cover Band

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  • Look, we don’t want to cover the Stranger Things kids too much, but come on, if one of them just casually has a Pearl Jam cover band, what, we’re supposed to ignore that stuff? I don’t think so! Gaten Matarazzo — who plays Dustin on Netflix’s much-beloved Stranger Things — has posted videos from performances of his Pearl Jam cover band called “Work in Progress” to his Instagram. The video can be found here. Whenever we cover the Stranger Things cast it’s always them doing cool things in a charmingly sincere way, and obviously, this one is no different.

    Look, this is fun. And we hereby decree it a crime to proclaim otherwise! Go ahead, do it, we dare you! We dare you!

    What do you think of Gaten Matarazzo’s Pearl Jam cover band? Did it brighten your no doubt terrible day? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

    Also, here’s a member of congress discussing Stranger Things on the house floor to explain Trump, because, aw heck, why not!

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