Exposé Reveals Matt Lauer Had Horrifying Button That Locked Office Door From Desk

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  • So, how much did NBC actually know about Matt Lauer? It seems like with the Louis CK allegations (which he admitted were true earlier this month), a lot of the track covering being done is in light of a coming exposé, and that exposé, from Variety, is here and it is so much grosser and weirder than anyone expected. Matt Lauer’s sexual harassment included giving a co-worker a sex toy as a gift with a note about how he wanted to use it on her, inviting a subordinate into his office in order to reveal his genitals, and later chastising her when she left, and a lot of creepy invitations to his hotel room during his coverage of the Sochi Olympics. One of the strangest details from the exposé, however, includes Matt Lauer asking for a button to be installed at his desk that would lock his door from the inside.

    Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. That is HORRIFYING. Apparently, this was so he could harass his employees without someone walking in. It’s insane that he had this complex technology installed so he could continue making his workplace hell on the go. Disgusting. As to why this wasn’t taken care of before — apparently, Matt Lauer’s power was enough to both silence victims and stop NBC from acting towards him, but it seems as if the new culture of outing sexual harassers in the wake of Harvey Weinstein has made these kinds of men easier to take down.

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