Lindsey Stirling Releases Beautiful “Carol of the Bells” Video

Hark hear the... violins!? Now that's not right!
By Alex Firer
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  • Lindsey Stirling is a beloved Internet personality whose incredible covers of pop music have entranced the Internet, and she’s back with an all-time holiday classic — Carol of the Bells. If you ever wanted to be haunted again by that beautiful Christmas song, then what could be better than this vibrant YouTube personality. Witness and marvel at the cinematography! Let your heart soar with the virtuoso solos! It’s beautiful, I tell you, beautiful!

    It’s always nice to see creators, who have been on the Internet forever, embrace the Christmas Spirit. And, I love Carol of the Bells. Such spookiness! It feels like a haunted Christmas ghost is stalking you down a hallway whispering sweet Christmas nothings in your ear! Oh, Christmas. You’re a good holiday.

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