Check Out ‘Binge’ – An Indie Pilot Which Plumbs the Depths of Eating Disorders in Brutally Honest Way

In this week's creator spotlight we cover Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky's 'Binge' -- and they are currently raising money for to create more episodes, hoping to change the way that eating disorders are depicted on screen.
By Alex Firer
  • As the shape of television is taking on newer and newer shapes in the modern era, it’s exciting to see it take more and more independent forms. That’s where Binge comes in. Created by Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky — starring Angela Gulner and based on her own ten year battle with eating disorders.

    In Binge, Angela Gulner stars as Angela Mills, a woman whose struggle with her eating disorder, during a drunken bad night at a bar, leads to her signing up for a clinic. Binge is a personal series with a strong and defiant character character at the center, whose strong personality reminds one of the excellent Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag -in all the best ways. The series follows the pitfalls and journey of recovery concerning vices and addictions in a way that takes the subject seriously through a smartly human lens.

    The pilot received 612,000 views on YouTube, and the creators want to make more. Which is great, because if you want to see more, you can donate here at Indiegogo. The pilot is very promising, and tackles a complicated subject with apt aplomb. We’re excited to see where Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky take this series next.

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