Ladies of SNL Welcome Everyone to Hell

Oh, is this whole “powerful men being creeps” thing bumming you out? Well, this is the world women have lived in for a long time! The SNL ladies welcome you to the Hell, where we’ve been living all along!
By Alex Firer
  • SNL’s music video showcasing their female cast members were always a highlight of the show a few years back, and it seems like they have returned to share an incredibly important message with the viewers of Saturday Night Live — welcome to Hell, aka, the place we have been living in all along! The stars of the video — a parody of a candy colored Katy Perry affair — were Aidy Bryant, Kate MacKinnon, Cecily Strong and guest host Saoirse Ronan as the main four. They begin playing dumb, but then quickly jump into the main thesis — oh, you think its sad that these heroes of yours are revealed to be creeps? Well, guess what! This was always the world we lived in!

    The music video then continues as the women sing about how “yeah, it’s a lot, but it’s what we got, welcome to Hell”. The women then discuss the odd aspects of living in this Hellscape, such as how Cecily Strong has a move to make her seem like she’s not worth the trouble, or how, for guys, “House of Cards” is ruined, but for women — walking is ruined, drinking is ruined, ponytails, and vans! Leslie Jones comes in to remind them that black women have it so much worse, and the women agree.

    The two newest female cast members — Heidi Gardner and Mellisa Viallesenor — make incredible cameo appearances to boot. The cast is great.

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