College Student Commits to Wearing Christmas Tree to School

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  • If you ever decide to pose a challenge to Twitter, be prepared to follow through.

    This is something University of Alabama student, Kelsey Hall, learned the hard way when she tweeted this —

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  • The tweet reads, “1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this [Christmas tree] to all my classes for the rest of the semester.”

    Hall tells, “My mom got me the costume because I love Christmas, and she thought it was funny. I took this picture and thought it would just be funny to post, but I had no idea that I would actually have to wear this so that’s why I said I would wear it for the rest of the semester.”

    Clearly, Hall didn’t expect her 300 Twitter followers to follow through. Her tweet soon, however, went viral collecting more than 13K+ retweets and 21K+ likes.

    “I definitely did not think I would get 1,000 retweets, I thought it was a very unrealistic number — the most retweets I have ever got before was, maybe, five,” says Hall. “When the retweets were coming in I was shocked! I had 12 yesterday morning and somehow hit 1,000 by the end of the night!”

    Upon realizing she would have to wear the Christmas tree, Hall tweeted, “Guys I really don’t want to do this.” Nonetheless, Hall followed through with her promise and wore the costume to school.

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  • When asked by PEOPLE why she went through with the “challenge,” Hall said, “I went through with it because I know everyone is going through a tough time with finals coming up, and hopefully, I could bring some Christmas cheer to my classmates!”

    And, so far, it looks like Hall’s classmates are loving her costume. Colin writes, “Dreams really do come true y’all.”

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  • Luckily, Hall only has one more week of classes to get through with this costume. Wishing you the best of luck on finals, Kelsey!

    Would you dare wear this costume to school? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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