Vine Co-Founder Teases “Vine 2”

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  • Remember Vine? That 6 second app that— who am I kidding. Of course you remember Vine! Vine was one of the biggest things on the internet, bringing with it laughs, laffs, and a truckload of new celebrities! It sadly shut its doors in 2016, but it looks like it’s— is it back? Is Vine back?! Could it be! Has Vine returned to its excellent people! It might be the case, when a cryptic Tweet from Vine Co-Founder Dom Hoffman Tweeted out a logo that just said, “V2.”

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  • This was following a Tweet earlier in the year where Dom admitted he had been thinking about a follow up to Vine — and look, we welcome it completely.

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  • Are you kidding, we’re What’s Trending! We love Vine, Vine stars, and if Vine 2 can even bring about a small percent of that love, then we are on board. What kind of Vine Stars will be there? Will the old ones return? Will a new generation take hold?

    We do know that this version of Vine will be self funded to try to avoid the pitfalls of Twitter killing Vine after it was sold to them. Look. We are ready. We want Vine again! We are ready!

    What do you think though? Are you excited for the return of Vine? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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