If You Miss the Monster Mash There’s a Christmas One Too

Monter's Holiday is a classic song about monsters robbing Santa Claus for the holidays.
By Alex Firer
  • Like every cool, sex having person out there I have a deep and abiding love for the Monster Mash, the song co-written (with Lenny Capizzi) and sung by Bobby “Boris” Pickett that involved funky monsters boogieing down! But, did you know Bobby Pickett did a follow up to the Monster Mash titled — Monster’s Holiday!? That’s right folks, there’s a Christmas version of the Monster Mash and I felt like profiling it just because! Ho ho ho. Here comes the Monster Holiday Song!

    The song has the same Boris Karloff impression from Bobby Pickett that he had in the original Monster Mash. The song was written by Paul Harrison who created the “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” song. The song is about the monsters acting very naughty, and Boris Pickett is very disappointed in them.

    The monsters in the song want to rob Santa’s sleigh to steal the gifts they wanted — Frankenstein wants a “shiny new trike,” Igor wants a back brace, Wolfman wants a speed shaver, Dracula wants a new cape (understandable), and a new chain for Janos (Yanush)? Who the heck is Janos? Is this some Christmas creature? Oh. Janos is a radioactive mad scientist that Boris Karloff played in 1936’s “The Invisible Ray.” Are radioactive mad scientists monsters now?! Ah, I’m sure everyone Boris Karloff has ever played can be friends with each other.

    In any case, zombies plan to steal Santa’s chain and look, you got to love how adorably scampy these monsters are. In the end, Santa just comes down and gives these monstrous souls their gifts. All’s well that ends well! Looks like Santa Claus has been hanging out with Halloween monsters long before The Nightmare Before Christmas. How fun!

    So, to all of those missing The Monster Mash, I have good news — there’s a Monster Mash for every season! Go listen to The Monster Holiday.

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