Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Weirds Everyone Out

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  • James Cameron has been trying to adapt the manga Alita: Battle Angel for a long, long time and finally, with Robert Rodriguez at the helm, he has done just that. The trailer looks elaborate, insane, and truly like a live action manga brought to life. Much attention is on the complex anime-inspired action, but just as much is brought into how hard Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron veered purposefully into the uncanny valley, as Alita looks almost realistic, but just off enough to be kind of disturbing. But I’m guessing that’s sort of the point.

    Alita: Battle Angel adapts the popular manga by Yukito Kishiro, created in 1990, about a broken down robot recovered and rebuilt by a scientist who happens to be a bounty hunter. Alita soon joins her adoptive father on his missions and, wouldn’t you know it, chaos ensues. Tsk. It’s a damn shame about this chaos. But you know, something had to ensue! Might as well be this!

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