Leslie Jones Vomited in Her Mouth on SNL During This Sketch

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  • On SNL we expect a little goofiness — someone giggling up a storm, laughing during a sketch, “breaking,” so to speak. But, someone vomiting in their mouth? That’s new, my friend, that’s new! And it happened to one… Leslie Jones from New York, NY. During a sketch on last night’s Saturday Night Live, involving James Franco as a gift wrapper who keeps chopping off his limbs and bleeding out everywhere, blood got into Leslie Jones’ mouth. It’s a very visceral moment, as you see the comedy superstar trying not to vomit on live television, which personally, I think, is a very good thing to try to avoid.

    She recounted the near-live tv vomiting experience with James Franco on an Instagram, which can be found here, saying to Franco, “You f*cking traumatized me. Blood went in my mouth and then I threw up in my mouth, and I had to swallow it so I wouldn’t throw up on national f*cking live TV.” Hey, but what quality TV it was! Sorry about the near barfing Leslie Jones. We’re still big fans.

    What do you think of a superstar almost barfing on national television? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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