Stranger Things: A Bad Lip Reading is Like a Bizzare Sitcom from an Alternate Universe

Will Luke's gills be okay!? With Gillian Jacobs as Nancy.
By Alex Firer
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  • ”Bad Lip Reading” has released its share of mind-melting brilliant Internet videos. Remember last year’s Bad Lip Reading for the Inauguration? Well, impressively Bad Lip Reading won’t just stay placated doing the same kind of videos ad nauseam, and released their Bad Lip Reading of Stranger Things. At 18 minutes, the video feels like an alternate reality video and an absolute showcase of everything Bad Lip Readings have accomplished — the songs, the absurdity, and everything.

    The Stranger Things Bad Lip Reading feels like a satire of a 1980’s sitcom, mixed with the strange absurdity that these sorts of segments usually have. The episode stars Mike narrating his life from the point of view of an adolescent trying to make sense of his world, as the overly familiar and absurdist style of the Bad Lip Reading overwhelms him unto infinity. The thing somehow tells something that feels like a coherent story — but, of course, it is nothing of the sort. And most interestingly, there is barely any evidence of the Upside Down in sight.

    Also, the doctor cut off Luke’s gills, so there’s that.

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