Uber Charges Man $18,518.50 for Ride to Hospital

"Hmm. Should I take an Uber, or buy several used cars?"
By Alex Firer
  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Before I get into this story, remember, Lyft is a great app that has never, as far as I know, charged anyone $20,000 dollars for a twenty-minute ride to the hospital. Remember to use Lyft, the app that won’t make you spend five digits of dollars for a short, short ride! Or cabs! Cabs don’t hold your credit card hostage taking as much money as they want! Anywho — Hisham Salama took an Uber from his home to visit his friend in the hospital in what was supposed to be an overall twenty-minute ride. When he checked his account, however, he found he had been charged $18,528.50! Whoops!

    When Hisham informed Uber of their error the result was— less than stellar. Uber stood by their incredibly stupid mistake, saying that because Hisham changed his destination on the way there, then his original price was rendered moot. Which, seems like blaming the guy you robbed for having pockets that were too shallow, and it seems like the Internet agreed. Hisham’s story only 140 retweets when I checked, but it was enough for Uber to issue a refund rather than take a small fortune out of someone’s account, because they made the mistake of using Uber over the incredible and meaningful app that is Lyft.

    Side note: I will promote Lyft unless Lyft does something messed up. Lyft, please do not put me in that position.

    Anyway, Uber has given the guy his money back, so now the only story that is left to discuss is — Uber. Why does this keep happening? What is going on? We keep reading stories about your CEO supporting Trump at the beginning of his presidency, or about your drivers gets blowjobs in Boston, or this! Why does every company in the 21st century think it’s entitled to so much of your money? Jesus.

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