Little Girl Creates “Wall of Sorrow” to Force Dad to Get Her Cat

“Please, your [sic] letting cats die alone, and never got to have a family or feel loved."
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, I was a garbage child once. I have vivid memories of guilting my parents to get me the various objects or treats of my choosing — toys which have… no discernible value. However, I never had the artistic integrity behind my guilting attempts as this brilliant young cat wanting child, who created a “Wall of Sorrow” in order to guilt her dad into buying her a cat. And guess what folks, it worked! And how could it not?! Look at all those sad kitties!

    The messages include notecards which say, “pleas,” “but why?” “why?” why?” with a crying cat picture saying, “now I’m going to die alone,” and “why don’t you adopt me?” The photos show sad cats, cats in a cage, and cats just generally looking upset, and the note, “Please, your [sic] letting cats die alone, and never got to have a family or feel loved.” Beautiful. My favorite part of the wall, however? The photo of the kitten with a tear in its eye and an arrow pointing to the tear with the words, “this is because of you” written on it.

    And, folks. It worked! Congrats to the little girl, the Wall of Sorrow, and the cats whose tears will never be blamed on a dad just trying to do his danged best no more!

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