Google Searches of 2017 Reveals: We Are Hopeful People in a Dark Time

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  • It is always so interesting to be able to read a collection of Google’s most popular searches. It feels like an unofficial shorthand autobiography of a national mood. What names are people searching? What are people curious about? And what do people need help with? It is the latter that Google decided to focus on, as they look at the “how” questions that we asked Google this year.

    Questions included “how do wildfires start,” “how far can North Korean missiles go,” “how to board up a window,” and “how to help Puerto Rico/Las Vegas/Mexico.” So, look. It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone at all. But then, we get the response. The human response. “How to make a protest sign,” and “how to run for office,” which starts with footage of Trump, has footage of French President Macron (who beat the hard right party in France), and Danica Roem, who was one of the first ever transgender woman to be elected to Congress. So, progress is coming and it is inspiring. And then we asked “how to watch the eclipse,” “how to make a difference,” and “how to be a strong woman,: as the #MeToo movement was given the spotlight. All in all, a very inspiring video.

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