Disney Buys Rights to Fox Properties, Homer is Disney Princess Now?

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  • First the good news: The Avengers can meet the X-Men! Yay! Will Deadpool meet Howard the Duck? We’ll see! Now the bad news: a massive creative corporate monopoly will only result in layoffs and homogenized entertainment meant for a mass audience from a company famous for having an overly controlling hand on the entertainment its subsidiaries make. No! So, if you liked the news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller got fired off of the Han Solo movie more than you liked the news that Deadpool was a weird R-rated superhero film, this is good news for you and only you.

    Anyway, here is Ryan Reynolds making a joke about giving a theme park ride a blowjob.

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  • Well, a lot of people are excited to see their properties join the beloved Disney brands. Simpson’s theme parks… Wait. Disney owns the Simpsons now? Oh my gosh! Will they move from Universal to Disneyland? Who knows….

    Maybe you can shake hands with Caesar from Planet of the Apes at a Disney theme park, or yaybe Moana can meet Hans Moleman. I don’t know!

    So anyway, Disney basically purchased the 21st Century Fox film acquisitions, their television acquisitions — most of it with an eye of getting into the streaming game. So, yeah. If I want to watch Futurama again sometime soon, it sounds like I’m going to be giving in to this mass monopoly.

    Disney, however, did not acquire Fox News, so Bill O’Reilly is not going to be a Disney princess. He’ll just be a dude who sexually harasses his employees without the blessing of the Disney corporation.

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