The Last Jedi Competes in Teen Vogue’s “Compliment Corner”

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  • I’m sure you’ll have some very kind things to say about Stars Wars: The Last Jedi when it comes out in theaters — oh my gosh, today! What an incredible movie. Oh my gosh, such incredible special effects! Whoa whoa whoa! See, maybe the Star Wars stars will read my entry to each other! This is delightful, as we see the cast of Star Wars Episode VIII read sweet tweets to each other in what is dubbed Teen Vogue’s “Compliment Battle.” It’s like the that Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets bit, but with kindness and sweetness! So, the opposite.

    Watch the video of John Boyega holding back giggles as Kelly Marie Tran dramatically reads him the greatest compliments, Laura Dern being complimented of her work with David Lynch, and Donald Gleeson and Daisy Ridley reading loving tweets from fans to each other. Look, it’s adorable, and I want to see more! Porgs complimenting droids! Hutts complimenting Salacious P. Crumbs! Wattos complimenting Jar Jar — everyone hates them but they are each others’ biggest fans, you see!

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