Man Scales Burning Building 25 Stories Up

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  • A man in China escaped his burning apartment by scaling the outside of his building.

    The fire started in a 24th-floor apartment in Yuzhong, China, at around noon yesterday. He clung to the metal grille covering the window as the metal grille from the window above started to melt.


    As burning debris started to fall down, he attempted to kick in a window. When that, unfortunately, did not work, he was left to wait until firemen came to his rescue.

    Firemen were able to pop the window open from the inside and pull him in safely. Overall, 71 fireman came to the scene and the fire was put out in 38 minutes. The man is said to be unharmed.

    In my head, I’d like to think I’d risk it all to save my own life in the event my apartment caught fire, but in my heart I think I’m a scaredy cat who would melt away real quick. But, there must be something about the adrenaline that keeps these people attentive, because this wasn’t the first brave soul to escape a fire by climbing out a window.

    Just this past July a man escaped a burning building by holding on to a crane hook. He was trapped on the roof when a crane operator noticed and decided to take action. He said: “I just thought that he was going down. Otherwise he would burn up and the crane was the only tool we just had at hand.”

    Another family from Russia all lept out of their burning 5th-floor apartment. And just when you thought there’d be an inflatable cushion to break their fall… nope! Twenty or so people gathered to catch everyone with their bare hands. Remarkably, only the father was injured from the landing.

    So, do you think you’d be able to jump from a burning building? Let us know in the comments below or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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