EPA Water Fountain Spews Raw Sewage

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  • Look, we here like our commentary to be as on the nose as possible. If it’s not on the nose, buddy, we are out of here. A little nuance? Friend, we are walking down the fire escape. We are SIMPLETONS. So, imagine our delight when we heard that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) — the one which, under Trump, allowed historic rollbacks, an incredible lack of care for the world around us, and ended with the destruction of many of our national parks to make room for oil drilling — had a water fountain explode and spew sewage. That’s right, the people who destroy the environment under Trump now had water turn to slime! If you ever needed a comically simple illustration of the problems plaguing our environment today — here you go!

    What do you think of the slimy, disgusting, metaphorical water fountain? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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