Coldilocks the World’s Oldest Polar Bear Celebrates Birthday

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  • Look, we know polar bears have no concept of aging. And, they definitely don’t have a concept of aging, what with the cake and the presents and everything in between. But… we do! So, you can only imagine — nay, but imagine, our unmitigated delight at witnessing Coldilocks — the world’s oldest polar bear — (at the grizzled polar bear age of 37) — celebrate her birthday.

  • Coldilocks the Very Old Polar Bear celebrated their birthday in a variety of extremely adorable ways at the Philadelphia Zoo. She got a little cake with the age 37 on it, and a little gift wrapped in wrapping paper!

    What do you think of Colidlocks, the extremely elderly bear who is having very much a happy birthday? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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