Disney World’s New Hall of Presidents Trump is GROSS

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  • Westworld is a show about animatrons which come to life and murder everyone around them. They’re based in part on the Disneyland Hall of Presidents. Disneyland just built a Donald Trump animatron. Look. All we are saying is that Disneyland is playing with fire here! The Donald Trump Disneyland animatron — after much hand wringing — was unveiled. There were rumors the animatron, due to the controversial nature of you know— being Trump — will have less to say than presidents in the past who gave an entire speech. But apparently those were just rumors, because the Trump animatron says quite a bit!

    You can watch him in the video above — watch him awkwardly wobble as much as he does in real life, and — incredibly says something that both isn’t racist, is inspiring and is not a rambling mess of madness. Boy, those Disney imagineers really CAN do anything! Good work folks.

    From an engineering stand point, that animatronic Trump really is incredible. From a cultural stand point, it feels like we’re living in an edgy comic book from 1995, and buddy, I’m not liking it! If a Westworld happens, I know which of these goons to avoid!

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