Monkey Has Sex with Deer in Japan

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  • My friends. I have some very troubling news. The world is ending, the president has gone mad, and this monkey has had sex with a deer in Japan. The sex took place on Yakushima Island where adolescent female Japanese macaques jump on the backs of deer and engage in the beautiful act of monkey on deer love making. Some deer thrust them off, some deer just quietly kept on eating. Either way, there were 13 successful monkey/deer mating scenarios, each one just lasting a few seconds because — look. Sometimes you just get excited is all!

    I know they’re female monkeys but buddy, I had a dumb joke to make and I made it. There were also 258 unsuccessful ones as well. There is no penetration, so really the monkeys are just rubbing their genitals against the deer. Anyway, we wish nothing but joy to the happy couple.

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