So Does Eminem Use Grindr or What?

By Alex Firer
The rapper — whose relationship with gay issues has been fraught — mentioned that he used Grindr, a gay dating app, in an interview with Vulture. But was it just a joke?
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  • Eminem’s rap career started off — to just use the mildest of terms — with some blatant painful homophobia. It’s a topic that’s been used for comedy as has the idea that he could be gay, such as with the joke during Seth Rogen’s “The Interview” where Eminem comes out of the closet on live television. But, people. You have to understand! Eminem is all socially aware now. Remember his incredible freestyle about Trump? And his new album everyone seems to hate? Well, maybe Eminem is a little more open-minded than he originally seemed after the rapper revealed to Vulture that after he divorced he used “Tinder” and Grindr” to find romance.

    Whoa. The internet paused. After a year when Tyler the Creator may have hinted at his own queerness on his album, was Eminem quietly coming out of the closet? After all, Grindr is a gay dating app. Well… not really, right? During the rest of the interview, you can read Eminem talking a lot about his own reflection of himself as someone who uses homophobic language saying: “I don’t swing that way,” which is like — you don’t have to make a big deal about it if you don’t.

    He also says:

    The honest-to-God truth is that none of that matters to me: I have no issue with someone’s sexuality, religion, race, none of that. Anyone who’s followed my music knows I’m against bullies — that’s why I hate that fucking bully Trump — and I hate the idea that a kid who’s gay might get shit for it.

    So anyway, he was probably implying he’s on Grindr as a joke, but in 2017 being on Grindr is just being on another dating app, and being gay in 2017 isn’t the punchline it was in 1999. So hey, Eminem, who can ya blame but yourself if people take you seriously? Come on buddy!

    Of course… he could also be queer. Hmmm!

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